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Preliminary site masterplans.

Unsure if your desired development can work on your site? Not sure if your ideal plans will meet Council’s requirements? We can help. We provide low-cost detailed planning services, including Development Potential Reports and Preliminary Site Masterplans, before you commit to full design services. A Preliminary Site Masterplan is a diagrammatic site plan which provides intricate detail to verify the exact development potential of a site, working to the key development controls and assessing what you could progress with in concept design and DA.

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It includes all relevant site research to discover the opportunities and constraints that might affect your goals. Consider it an early concept planning diagram.
It includes such things as visual planning of driveways, bulk building footprints, open space areas, access, egress and parking, to enable you to visualize the site development footprint as well as visually map any issues particular to that block. This information can then be used in the initial concept plan stage, should you proceed with the project. For this service you receive a scaled diagrammatic site plan which has preliminary building footprints, landscape areas, driveways, setbacks and private open space planning as well as a detailed report outlining the information. Alternatively we also offer the Development Potential Report as a stand alone item, beneficial if you wish to discover any hidden issues in a block of land that might prevent or restrict your development. We have found that these services have saved our clients in the hundreds of thousands by identifying important aspects of a site before land purchase or full commitment to design fees, so contact us today if you have any queries about your project plans.


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